Thursday, March 24, 2011


It Sure Has Been The Worst Time Of Our Lives...The Toughest 15 months of our lives without you son...we miss you soo much, and our lives have all been forever...changed...Desirae, asks and talks about you all of the time, she recalls/remembers so much of the love and good times, she/we will never and her doing so many different things together, you were the poster child for the true meaning of DAD, you were her DA-DA...seems everything reminds us of you...We got the courage up and watched home movies of you when you were 6-7 yrs old, man that was so tough on us, because you were so happy, and Desirae is a splitting image of you, DOWN TO THE VOICE...and, was then so good. God must have decided you needed to be with him more than us, I still cannot come to that conclusion, but who am I in the big scheme of things (I am just a father...a father whom would rather have taken your place and allow you to live your life with Desirae and our family) to question our lord, how dare me, right...although I do and must question the "NO TRIAL" conclusion that will haunt us forever...Can a person really kill someone else willingly, and get away with it...apparently so, I tell you now, it seems so easy to be able to do this horrible thing...murder...and know the law will not take the appropriate steps to make sure the guilty parties are indeed punished...we are still in shock, with the "Plea Bargain" verdict of second degree murder that entailed this thug to still walk this earth...given to that horrible person Jovani Muniz. I mean, really...kill another person, and go off to a boys home for "rehabilitation" for Only Six frigen years...WTF...the YOS (Youthful Offender System) , get the best medical attention available to man, get the best education taking advantage of college professors, AND GET A DEGREE, and then be released into society as if nothing ever happened ! ! ! Well, his so-called punishment...simply, in no way shape or form, Absolutely "Does Not Fit The Crime" for which he was charged with...period ! ! !
No justice has been served for my son Eloy "Conrad" Duran III or for me, and my family, as well as the Community of Denver, or the State Of Colorado.